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12 Week Deep Dive


Tap into your SuperConscious Power- Create the life you love

Valid for 12 weeks

Bi Weekly Sessions

Weekly Group Coaching

Magnetic Mind Conscious Education Univ access


SuperConscious Intro


Discover the SuperConscious ~ Your personal Super Power

Valid for 6 weeks


(4) one-on-one session ( bi-wekly)

Magnetic Mind University Access

Group Coaching


Every week

Learn in a group ~ Connect

with your tribe!

Valid for 12 months

Weekly session for the transformation of a lifetime.

Establish personal values, 12 mth plan for success

Includes: 303 page Coaching Workbook

Zoom: Weekly group sessions

Quarterly live Group Events

Learn techniques: Experience an Emotional Recode

- Work through family entaglements

- Release the inner child

- Embrace the powerful woman inside

- connect with your creative power to impact the world

Platinum Membership


Every month

Scans, Hair Analysis

Labs, Coaching

Valid for 12 months

Weekly /Bi-weekly Coaching Calls Zoom sessions ( Recorded)

4 Zyto scans (Requires Zyto Cradle)*

8 Evox Voice Mapping sessions (Require Zyto Cradle)*

2 Hair Tissue Analysis labs

2 Hair Tissue Analysis Reviews

Reports: Emotional words/ Scanned Remedies/ Immunity*

Private access to App

*ZYTO Sold Separately (Included with 3hr Comp Consult)

*Detox sold Separately (Included with 3hr Comp Consult)

*Remedies Sold Separately

Gold Membership


Every month

Connect with best of YHP services (Zyto Required)

Valid for 12 months

Zyto Remedy Scan (Zyto Required)*

Evox for Emotional Clearing (Zyto required)*

Remedy output

Weekly spirit, mind, body coaching keeps you strong!

Emotional Words for Journaling

Real world application refresher of Tips, Tricks, Tools

*(Zyto sold separately)*

*Hair Tissue Analysis Sold separately

*Detox Sold Separately

*Remedies Sold Separately

Silver Membership


Every month

Concentrated support for deeper dive into your greatness

Valid for 12 months

One-on-one bi-weekly caoching

Establishes true goals- Accountability

Re-aligning past, present & future: Emotional Intelligence

Focused attention on your 12mth goals:

Self, Relationships, Finances & Fitness

Includes 303 page work-book

Optional Inclusion: (Sold separately)

Hair Tissue Analysis

Opening Channels Detox (Should be done yearly)

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